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CMEF ∣ see you in Qingdao tomorrow!

Published: 2019-10-18 | Size: L M S |


Hua Ke Tai

From October 19 to 22, 2019, Beijing huaketai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. will participate in the 82nd China international medical device (Autumn) Expo in 2019. At that time, huaketai will exhibit "fluorescence microsphere dry quantitative POCT detection system" and "full automatic chemiluminescence detection system", with many new products and surprises. Welcome to the exhibition stand (s3j05) for guidance!

Where is huaketai?



What does huaketai have?

01 Fluorescence Microsphere Dry Quantitative POCT Detection System


1. peripheral blood

Only 30 μ l peripheral blood is needed to solve the problem of blood collection for infants.

2. fast speed measurement

15 min results

3. outcome criteria

The results of quantitative analysis are in good agreement with those of chemiluminescence and HPLC

4. quality control

Multiple quality control to ensure the accuracy of results

5. Easy to operate

Easy to operate, no need for professional operation;

Single package is not wasted.

6. space Province

Miniaturization, no space occupation, suitable for all relevant departments of the hospital, convenient for handling

7. project full

It can detect 25 hydroxyvitamin D, 25 hydroxyvitamin D3, fer and PTH. It covers 21 items including renal markers, bone metabolism, inflammation, myocardial markers and others




02 Automatic Chemiluminescence Detection System