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Clinical application of pregnancy detection index

The fifth course "clinical application of pregnancy detection indicators" in the air class of "medical examination Q & a" co organized by the branch of laboratory medicine of Chinese Medical Association will officially open on the afternoon of November 26, 2019!

This course will adopt two teaching forms: live broadcast and live teaching. At that time, the society will invite domestic well-known experts in the field of testing and clinical field to go online. They will answer questions and solve doubts for the students with their rich experience in clinical testing and clinical diagnosis and treatment. On site students can face to face with the big coffee. Online students can ask questions in real time and interact online, without the cost burden of registration fee, transportation fee, accommodation fee, etc., and without the waste of time on long journey, which is simple and easy.

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Whole Course

Synchronous live network video

Multi Platform

Wechat, web experience

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120 minute lecture Q & A


Topics covered tumor markers, myocardial markers

Inflammation test, maternal and child population test, bone metabolism, nail function, etc

- Project Planning -


Wang Chengbin, PLA General Hospital

Director, chief physician, professor and doctoral supervisor of medical laboratory center of PLA General Hospital. He also serves as the chairman of the clinical mass spectrometry special committee of the Chinese society of mass spectrometry, the vice chairman of the medical special committee of the National Accreditation Committee for conformity assessment of China, the deputy chief editor of the Chinese Journal of laboratory medicine, and the editorial board member of the Chinese Journal of medicine. It has successively undertaken the research of national science and technology support, major military projects, key military projects, National Natural Science Foundation and other projects, as well as national 863 and major equipment projects. Won 1 first prize of national multimedia teaching materials and 5 second prizes of provincial and ministerial level. He has published more than 300 academic papers and 5 monographs edited and translated in domestic and foreign journals.

Answer Questions Of Medical Laboratory And Air Class Plan

November 2019 clinical application of pregnancy detection indicators

January 2020 clinical application of pediatric / Pediatrics testing indicators

Air Class Lesson 5

Subject: clinical application of pregnancy detection indicators

Time: 15:00-16:30, November 26

Setting: multi function hall of the first medical center of PLA General Hospital, area C test center, third floor, outpatient building


Lu Yanping: clinical application of prenatal or gestational test indicators

Cui Liyan: frequently asked questions about pregnancy test indicators

Zhang Ying: course and Q & a host

Teaching Guests


Lu Yanping, General Hospital of the Chinese people's Liberation Army

Doctor of medicine, Postgraduate Tutor, deputy director of Obstetrics and Gynecology, director of obstetrics. Research direction: prenatal diagnosis and high-risk pregnancy. To carry out the research on the causes of fetal skeletal malformation and primary ciliary disease, and complete the pre implantation diagnosis of Meckel syndrome, the first case in the world; at the same time, to have rich experience in the treatment of critical obstetric diseases. He served as the editorial board member of Chinese Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Chinese Journal of perinatal medicine, member of perinatal medicine branch of Chinese Medical Association, member of Expert Committee of China foundation for intervention and rescue of birth defects, standing member of eugenics and Family Planning Committee of the whole army, member of professional committee of gynecology and obstetrics of the whole army, responsible for 4 military topics, and participated in 2 major special topics of the Ministry of science and technology, He has published more than 70 papers in SCI, MEDLINE and statistical source journals, and participated in the compilation of 5 monographs.


Cui Liyan, the Third Hospital of Peking University

Doctor, chief physician, associate professor, supervisor of master's degree, director of Laboratory of Peking University Third Hospital, director of quality control center of clinical laboratory.

The specialty is clinical immunology test. The main research fields are biomarker screening, early diagnosis, risk assessment and related mechanisms.

He is responsible for 2 national natural science projects, 1 13th five year sub project, many internal projects, participated in National Natural Science, 11th five year plan, 12th Five Year Plan and other projects, and published more than 50 papers. There are 3 monographs and 2 translation monographs.

Major academic part-time jobs:

Member of immunology group, laboratory medicine branch, Chinese Medical Association

Member and Secretary of the Standing Committee of the laboratory branch of Beijing Medical Association

Member of the laboratory branch of the Chinese Medical Association

Director of laboratory branch of Beijing doctor association, etc

Officiating Guests


Zhang Ying, General Hospital of the Chinese people's Liberation Army

Deputy chief physician, associate professor and doctor of medicine of the General Hospital of the people's Liberation Army of China. Graduated from Zhejiang University. He served as a young member of the Inspection Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, a member of the microbiology Professional Committee of the whole army, and a young member of the medical microbiology Committee of the Beijing Society of microbiology. Good at clinical and laboratory molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases, anti infective drug treatment. Mainly engaged in bacterial epidemiology, pathogenicity, anti drug mechanism and prevention of infection related immune protection mechanism. He presided over one NSFC project and participated in a number of major projects of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China and NIH projects of the United States. Eight SCI articles were published by the first author and corresponding author, with a total of 33.8 influencing factors. He won one second prize for the progress of science and technology in the army and one second prize for the progress of science and technology in the General Hospital of the PLA.

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Teaching address: Medical Laboratory of the first medical center of PLA General Hospital, multifunctional hall of the laboratory center of area C on the third floor of outpatient building.

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